hi hun.. uhmm soo..

  1. Background – feel free to change it.. i just googled that one.. :3 it’s nice coz GIF.. though the cut bothers me D: ..
  2. The Theme ~ feel free to change it as well.. eer .. customize it, play with it.. and leave what ya like best xD.. also the titles, domain and all.. feel free to change em if ya got better ideas.. hmm..
  3.  i like this layout coz simple.. xD
  4. i am planning to transfer serra here so we can always see it.. though can’t find the googledocs link.. pls make a post and tag it #Serra then make it a tab beside Our Dream
  5. please do write if u have something to write already.. let’s customize while we write xD
  6. i miss you
  7. Love you a lot

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