Cuddling, quiz-bee & a baby????

I am in a bedroom.

the bed is beside a window… It’s morning.. Outside the guys are playing..

Then my hubby knocked on the window and threw himself to me on bed. We cuddled and smiled. I noticed something is different, his eyeglasses frame. He changed it to something similar from his previous one, only a different color this time, sky-blue, (i believe this dream is a continuation of what i had before.. The glasses are nostalgic and i think the dream was about helping hubby pick an eyeglasses frame ..hmm.. )

we cuddled some more and talk.. He said he was playing with the boys outside.. The game is a FPS game ~ real person edition .. I didn’t see the guns but i knew they look like the real ones.. Among the 6 players.. One is my hubby.. And one is a girl named Alex/a (forgot).. I didn’t saw her face but she’s there.. And in my dream it seems like i know her..

The dream continued to show the same room with the 2 of us.. But (memory is hazy) there seems to be something competitive going on.. Between my room and the other other room..

i forgot what we are doing.. Was it a quiz bee?? The ambiance didn’t change though.. It’s bright like it’s 10am, rooms has lightblue hue.. I am still with hubby..

i forgot how … But a quizbee happened and i participated and i did fairly.. I remember feeling stupid but being pleased when the smart ones don’t know the answer too.. And i worry when the next quizbee will be..

so movin on.. I am in the room again.. With hubby.. Then i jumped to the other room… Because of that, the guy from the other room switched to mine.. As if to balance out the number of ppl per room..

also throughout the room thing part of the dream, there’s a baby.. I forgot when was the other time i saw her in the dream.. The only thing i remember was she’s one of the reason why i switched rooms..

when i was in the second room.. I remember laying down searching for hubby and saying “i miss ‘his name’ “..

then as if like a child who innocently/accidentally fell asleep while playing (this is the logic i accepted in my dream) i found the baby sleeping under the bed parallel to the one am lying in (There are two beds in that room parallel to each other~ similar to how my current bedroom looks like)

the baby is hydrocephalic, but hers is weird..(but in my dream i am so accepting about it~ like it’s normal 😐  lol)

her head per se is slightly big, but there’s an extension; It’s another head, balloon like and is bigger than her original head. It’s literally like a skin toned balloon with hints of veins Connected to her head by a narrow tubelike skin..

i lift the baby to put her to the proper bed.. But i kinda wake her, though i managed to transfer her.. She cried a bit.. Her hydrocephalus extension, broken at the tubelike skin, was left behind on the floor.. I tried to sooth her and stop her from crying…by picking the excess.. err head?? and connecting it again at the snipped part as if like grafting a plant, like it’ll naturally attach itself back @__@ ,

i found her cute in my dream..

then i wake up..

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