Visa Card, RestRoom Convos, Blood


hmm.. soo hmm..

I would like to think that my dream last night was composed of three not so connected stories.. I forgot the first 2.. ( I actually remembered the 2nd story right after I woke up.. but lost it now.. i’ll try to remind myself to jot down clues immediately after waking up)

sooo the third part is fairly short.. the scene I can remember is paying up in a grocery .. I can’t remember the actual shopping part sadly. So~~ I am at the cashier with friends. I know there are five of us; a guy college friend (J.V.), a girl college friend (Ck.N), an elementary/hs friend (Y.A.d.O), and I can’t remember the other two..

place description: it’s a small grocer with 5 cashiers. 4  registers are occupied, with the middle register empty. Three of the cashiers are female and one is male. The demographics of the cashiers are like what I normally see in the middle east, a combination of Asians and Arabs. The mall’s layout is like the one I normally go to in PH, though the shops are different. ~~ if I remember correctly I am wearing a red jacket with front pockets and in my right pocket there are two debit cards, one is visa (my dad’s) the other one is eeer I don’t know but I know it’s not visa and it is mine.

back to the story: I was paying up, at the 2nd register to the left, the cashier was a guy ~ middle eastern looking guy. He punched my stuff and everything cost me around hmm 600 something .. I don’t remember the currency :3 .. then I handed him a card the none visa one, after inputting some stuff on the system, he stood up and walked over to the middle register and used the computer there to register my payment. I followed him there. He asked me if I have a visa card, I sad no ~I llied~, and he explained saying that if I use visa i can accumulate points… then he handed me my card and my grocery (I don’t know when did my grocery shift places.. he was not carrying it when he went to the middle register … hmm..) , I thank him and smiled and went on my way… (by the way I am with my guy friend.. can’t remember where are the others)

While I was on my way I heard the cashier said “Next please” .. the next person went to the unmanned register (where the guy cashier left). The Asian female Cashier at the farthest left has no customer so the guy cashier ask her to man the register.. and he himself stood up and left (lol)..

While walking.. I showed my visa card to my guy friend.. then he said i should use it.. i remember thinking, it’s my dad’s.. and he would know if I use it for buying popcorn for the movie later (apparently we are in the mall to watch  a movie)  because a notification via text will be sent to him.. i was thinking how can I make the most of it.. lol..

In the far front of that grocer is the public rest room.. I went there with CkN. The rest room has 5 cubicles and are all occupied. For some reason, people have been lining up for the 4th and 5th only so we rushed and lined to the other ones. I lined on the 2nd, she lined on the 3rd. The occupants of 2nd and 3rd cubicle opened the door almost at the same time. We went in. CkN staying true to being a loud mouth even in my dreams lol loudly expressed her shock abt how messy/dirty her cubicle is. I talked to her while in my cubicle and asked her to stop ranting loudly, that it is embarrassing. But she ranted loudly about it even more, while peeing, saying stuff about how shocking it is to know that there are messy girls, that female adults should know better and not splash everywhere, that they deserve to hear it so they would be conscious about it and will have shame.. bla bla bla.. her rant is long and loud.

On my side I just shut my mouth. While she is ranting I felt please that my cubicle is quite clean (I assumed at least it is cleaner than CkN’s lol), though there is a splash of eer pee on the tip of the rim, I told my self that’s it’s okay I can just dodge it. So I peed squatting not touching the rim. while doing my business, I felt that the 1st cubicle got occupied by my other friend YAdO. CkN is still ranting.

My pee was looooooonnngggg and at one point my legs gave up and I sat on the rim touching a bit of the pee at the tip  eeewww uck .. I can’t help it, I felt a bit dizzy. Welp since my thigh touched the pee I used the toilet bidet spray and wash it. The first spray was too strong. YAdO seems to hear it and commented “it’s too strong right? Haha”. I forgot if I answered or not. Then my friends finished their business and I hear them opening their cubicle doors. I felt conscious because I am not yet done and people outside might think I am staying too long and judge me lol..

I tried finishing my business too and I saw blood.. on my pantsu. I touched my — to check.. and there really is blood.. I am menstruating.

AND I wake up… (FYI: I have PCOS soo I haven’t bled for months IRL… though lately I’ve started some things ~meds, paleo diet~ to cure or at least deal with my PCOS because it’s been giving me quite a problem IRL and is affecting my state of mind recently..)


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