Old Dreams~ once i was 7 years old…

I cannot remember my dream for today 😦 but i want to write something.. and since this is dream repository i had this idea.. why not write my old dreams here.. at least the memorable ones.. i have quite a few.

I’ll start with  the oldest one I can remember.

For this post..hmm.. I’ve been choosing between two dreams.. but since the other one can arguably be just a recollection of my childhood and not a dream, i’ll write about the one that’s more obvious to be a dream.

If I recall it correctly, I was about to turn seven years old that time. As a kid i have asked a lot of times “Is Jesus real? Why is He not showing himself to me?”, and around that time I have asked my mom those questions again..

Then i had this dream. My older guy cousin who is a devotee (may he rest in peace), my mom, and i, are dressing up our Fatima and Child Jesus statue at home with my cousin’s original works. We were sitting on the edge of the slightly elevated floor of our living room. The elevation separated the living room and the dining room. in front of us is a wall with a mirror and above that is an altar where our statues at.  Our statues are small, around 1-1.3 feet only. We were talking about something, I think in my dream I asked the question again out of nowhere. Then suddenly the head of the Child Jesus, while facing me, started swaying, then i notice our Fatima is swaying it’s head on the sideline as well. They are swaying their heads left and right. My mom and cousin are not that shocked about what’s happening. They were happy and even teasing me that they are moving because of me. In my dream i was shocked, there’s a little fear but more amazed and happy that they moved..

Then i wake up..


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