I am young and eating so much sweets <3

I am once again young and is a college student. There is this upperclassmen who treats me nicely. He is my best friend. No romance going on between us, though everyone around us thinks otherwise. If i need help he’ll offer help, if he needs help, i’ll help him like it’s an automatic thing to do for us. In my dream there is something like a school event that both of us are participating. from organizing to implementation to building stages and cooking food etc  …. all through out the thing we are covering each other’s back and whenever we get like.. let’s say excess food in our sections, we give them to each other like it’s the most normal thing to do. We never agreed to help each other or share with each other any privilege we get. We just do it..

Oh and i love eating cheesy and creamy crepes xD ..

and i wake up…


In my dream he is an upperclassman, but i know him IRL. His face in my dream is not the same IRL.. and IRL he is a classmate not a senior. hmm..

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