Keiben~ My lil brother with the silver hair

I took a nap this afternoon..

I dreamt about my family, We are all the same except I have 2 more siblings: 1 boy and 1 more girl. They are all  younger than my IRL youngest sibling
The boy’s name is Keiben’ ~ i think.. he is probably around 8-10 yrs old.
He has black hair before but his hair suddenly turned silver. He is a handsome kid

It seems to me that the house is quite the same as our old house IRL too.. at least the back part where the laundry place/dirty kitchen was. We have a quite a big wooden tub in there where you can soak.

In that part of the house, diagonal to it, like one to two blocks away, you can see the construction of something very high. And it seems that quite a high part of the building is just eye-level to us, so i think our house is quite high as well..

The house is quite dark… The house has lots of fur covers. Judging from the way the maid dressed and the market place, the whole place and time is like GOT-ish.

Before the scene with the house, seeing my family and stuff~
I remember hearing a loud scream and a pleading voice. I am with 2 of my siblings (i did’t see who i am with though i just know they are my siblings) I forgot how it really looks like but it seems like a chicken and it is being punished.
His wings are spread out and he is upside down. There is someone talking like an invisible guy narrator about why the chicken is being punished. It’s punishment has something to do with some crime and as the consequence of the punishment, it will never be able to fly high and long ever again.

We felt bad for the chicken. We wanted to help it out and break him free from his position. But the tree was very very veryyyy high and enormous. Kids can’t possible climb it.
As if someone heard our desire to help the chicken.. someone ended it’s suffering with an arrow to the heart.. i think.. i saw a glimpse of a guy in a hood who did it from a watch tower..

Me and my siblings are all close to each other. I remember there were scenes of us being happy and sappy and all.. i remember one where we were talking about our hairs.. my second sister said Keiben is apparently an “aesbla bla” some weird sounding race (sounds like some name from the Vikings show lol) because they have the same hair.. i said I might be from “blablabla” too because my hair is red-orange. They all laugh.. they don’t think my hair is of a special color.. (i never get to see my hair in this dream.. i never notice what color is it really)

Then a scene change..

We were in our family hall.. our headmaid suddenly entered our room.. and in a serious tone said… “uhm it’s about Keiben” then we all rushed at the back of our house. Keiben is floating upwards at the big tub. Dead.. we were crying.. we checked if he is really dead.. we were crying…

The scene shifted into a room.
Keiben is already in a bed. They covered his body with a blanket..
i found myself crying so hard. I am the one crying the hardest in the room.
Asking why did that happen.. he’s our only boy.. why…
I saw my dad cried and said “my son”
I cried harder. I am still in denial that he’s dead.. i touched his feet, he is still warm.. i blurted that loudly.. i cried and looked into my brother’s face while silently asking him to open his eyes.
To my shock.. He really did!!
At first i thought maybe it’s just one of those muscle reflexes dead ppl does so i get him up and shouted his name.. He opened his eyes again and smiled.. then collapsed again.. and opened his eyes again.. He is alive…

On the sideline someone (an old guy) who is serving my family and is well trusted. Started buying my brother’s funeral clothes…. Then i think he somehow learned about my brother being alive… an invisible narrator again this time a woman~ said that despite my brother being alive the buying of the funeral clothes continued, my brother’s would be sky blue and white, as if they are certain Keiben would really die as if they are planning to really kill him off…

Then i was back at home.. i had this idea that we should always go in pairs.. like no one should be left to go alone even when peeing. I plan to tell my siblings but Keiben is not there so i went to look for him in the house..

I opened the room adjacent to the dirty kitchen. I opened the lights and shouted his name. He answered.. i asked him where he is.. He is there again.. where he apparently drowned. I got nervous .. i felt like he will be attacked and i’ll be too late..
i imagined what might happen.. i went there as fast as i could.. but before i could

i wake  up..

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