Destructive toddlers and ruthless s

I dreamt I was living in a room with my mom. Strangely, said room is in my old school. How we came to live there, I have no idea. Day break, as I wake from my slumber, a string of lovely cherubic voices filled the air. It was the Horde. The horde of little toddlers, seemingly belonging to a cult called the kindergarten waddled their stubby feets into the room. My mom warned me against their meddling with my possessions but they were just so adorable her warning fell on deaf ears. I indulged them and lord before you know it, there goes my laptop. What the flying bleeper.

Fast forward a wee bit, I became a sniper in the overwatch world. Ironic cause I can’t snipe for nuts in any games… ever. So I killed a bunch of children. Not sure if it was the same bunch but I pray it is. Aaaand I woke up.


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