A Golden Gown and.. errr.. poop?

dreamt about this last hmm jan 17? ..

In my dream there is something like a concert competition going on. More like a Choir or maybe a Play? or something else that involves singing and being on stage and wearing a gown..

It  seems like that was our second time in the competition. The first was kinda a flop and the second time we went there and participated we are in GOWNS.. and omg my gown is fab!!!!! A deep V-neck  long sleeve top with the tip of the neckline touching the thick waist band then it drops down in a wide balloon. The gown is Gold and is sequined from head to toe.. My hair is down and is volumized. I feel gorgeous :3.

I remember.. seeing myself running girlishly inside the auditorium searching for my seat feeling like everyone is looking at me.. LOL .. someone is holding my hand and is pulling me. A girl.. she wears a blue gown.. I forgot who she is.. we were running together.

then we performed. I don’t remember what we did in our performance.

Then the scenario changed. I am sitting in my seat. I am sitting at the edge of the row. Beside me is someone I don’t know. Seems like a girl from other competing schools.

soooo…. it seems that the seats we were sitting on can be converted into a toilet. LOL.. and I made use of that.. I don’t know how I managed to do it in that gown.. but yeah.. pewped LOLOLOL..

So I was doing #2 and I was concerned of any smell leaking out and stuff.. A guy who’s seat is further in my row passed in front of me and he made a weird face. I thought it’s prolly about the smell. The people beside me doesn’t react or anything.. but I don’t know :3 huehuehue.

I flushed my thingy bobby. It shook the seats a bit.. it was awkward LOL.. But.. there is still pewps dangling LOLOLOL~ it’s so hard to explain how I know.. cause it’ll be quite graphic haha so yeah~. After sometime I flushed it again and pretended like I don’t know what’s happening and asked why the seats are shaking. :3

Then I managed to talk a bit with the girls beside me. Then someone approached me and asked me if the handkerchief she’s handing me is mine. I said no, though I accepted it and she left. Then I opened the handkerchief and it turns out it is a polo shirt. I even bragged it is on large and it should fit me and maybe I should keep it.


Then I wake up.


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