Multiple Dreams…

First dream:

My face is different. I look like a european girl wearing a simple Victorian dress. I am living with my mom and apparently it’s only the two of us. The mom in my dream is very different from my mom IRL. She is also european and is very liberal. She told me a story about her youth. Her love escapades. She told me her story as if I am watching it happen. While she tells her story I can see it.

The scene changed. I am in a cave. There is this guy who seems like he just finished having sex walking and holding a torch and so happen to accidentally? meet his friend on his way inside the cave. The other guy (guy#1) started talking, then ranting, then crying to his friend (Guy#2) about his ex girlfriend(My Mom) and how heart-broken he is. Then it seems like this is not the first time this happened and Guy#2 is kinda annoyed and sorry at the same time, he said “I can’t do this anymore I’ll just have to tell you the truth” ~i forgot what else he said but i do know he is confessing about him and my mom. While doing this ~like in the dramas~ the Girl in question slowly appeared behind guy#2. Guy#1 is shocked and i dunno.

The perspective changed to mine and as if my mom’s arrival illuminated the cave, the wall beside me becomes clear and then i realized the wall is actually a big face. The stoney face blinks and breathe and every breath i feel a gust of wind. The more i stare to the face the more i get scared.

Then i wake is 6 am. i went back to sleep. To not forget about my dream above i tried to imagine that i am writing it and started reciting the dream in my head… but…

I dream about dreaming. i dream about waking up and that the sun hasn’t risen yet and that i am scared of how dark the room is and going back to sleep hoping to dream something again. I did dream in my dream again..

*While writing this i actually forgot the dream in my dream which is supposedly the second dream i’m gonna write about :3 .. and now i am confused if the ‘waking’  and  ‘recalling’ the first dream part did really happen when i was truly awake.. or was i dreaming the whole time.. shit…

Though I am sure i really did wake up around 6am xD

haiixt.. soo confuding..


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