Weird Dream as always

I remember having two dream last night.

First was I apparently received a call saying I got the job. IRL i am currently applying for a job.. and eer.. so yeah back to my dream. I remember i answered the call and that i talked lively. The details of the of our conversation hmm i can’t remember.

The second dream is something like straight out from a TV Drama.

It’s quite confusing, i remember being in a bus with my former classmates. A combination of HS and College friends. We were watching a dance compettiton on the bus’ TV then all of a sudden we are part of that competition and at the same time there is an ongoing lecture.. ( recalling this makes me confuuusseeed )

Then… I crossed the street while waiting for someone i know? to perform.. I told my seatmate to let me know if ‘someone’s’ performance is up next or what.. so I went ahead. The place is something familiar.. it’s the overpass bridge connected to a certain mall that i always see and go to growing up. Though it doesn’t make sense because IRL opposite of that mall is a Public Transport terminal… oh well dreams doesn’t make sense anyway.. when I came back to my seat the place changed from bus into an official classroom/conference hall. I asked if there is a quiz or something cause i haven’t studied anything. They said none.

Connected to that hall is my house?!…(The house is big and nice and has a veryy big garden outside)…  it’s like an auditorium stage but smaller ~waaay smaller. The ‘stage’ is where a teacher does her lecture and there are passageway behind to the ‘backstage’ which is my house.. the house is nothing similar to my RL house/s. It doesn’t resemble anything i am familiar with. and… apparently my mom in the dream (a stranger?? seems like it) married another guy. This guy is very touchy and sweet.. even to me. My mom in the dream and myself as well find his touches and gestures normal for a father.. lol..

Then hmm as if i want everyone to know in that classroom that i am special?? LOL no not really i just want attention :3 I suddenly stood up, walk to the middle and enter the ‘backstage’ a.k.a my house and i saw my mom and my step dad there. Seems like they are gonna go for a trip. One of my classmate (a gay friend IRL) went inside too and i don’t how but i know i just figured out that he became my half brother… And while my step dad is being touchy in his goodbyes and while i am kinda trying to evade his touches and my mom joining him with all the touching stuff.. that classmate saw us and i didn’t find it cool. He went ahead of me and after a minute or so i shouted something like ‘That is not cool/fun!’ as if to mock him…

I storm out of the house to my seat in the hall. Suddenly the lecturer arrived and gave us a quiz. I am sooo shocked like i can feel a deadly crisis coming near me when suddenly I heard some people saying ‘look at them they thought there’s no quiz haha’ in a condescending manner ~the same people i asked a while a go and said none~~ bitches everywhere even in my dreams tsk i am doomed~

Sooo.. i bit my lips and hissed at the bitches and just tried to answer whatever i can answer then i tried copying from my seatmates whatever i can HAHAHA. I am sitting beside my half bro classmate and it seems like despite what happened earlier he is showing me his paper intentionally to help me.

I forgot what happened next. I woke up mumbling a name.. William Clinton??  i forgot the first name but the last name is definitely Clinton.. LOL.. It was vivid but i think the name is my brother’s …

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