Recurring Dream~

Dreamt of dreaming again…

I am friends with 4 more or 5 more kids. We were just kids..
I am in our usual hangout and it seems like some years have passed and that i am a teenager already.. am i telling a story or dreaming the story? I don’t know..

There is a chocolate that never perishes however long we eat it… and it is because of some magic shit me and my friends has/did
Also because of magic and destiny/fate that we somehow managed to know 2 of our friends died.
A girl and a boy. Seems like they are bound by some fate to die (i forgot the narrative in my dream but there’s something >_<). I witnessed how they died.

The story of how they died~ in my dream it seems that i am recalling them and telling them to someone.. I don’t know who :/
First death: The Girl
She rides a bike to school? Or to somewhere when on the opposite lane a bigass truck comes rushing. She pulled the breaks but it didn’t work because the road is slippery. She slid a bit but managed to evade the truck. Behind her is a grandma who is riding a motorcycle??? I forgot exactly what but it’s a light vehicle. Then when she managed to evade, the grandma behind her which turns out to be our/her teacher rushes to her (seeing what the girl just evaded). While the grandma rushes to console girl, she noticed that behind her is another truck that’s about to crush her and her student. So instead of rushing to ask if she is okay.. grandma rushed to save her student. It was inevitable though they died… apparently they were thrown to the crossroad 20-40 feet from where they were.

The second death~
At the same crossroad, It was raining heavily and is dark but I am shouting and crying while a boy’s head is in my arms.. his face is covered by a white cloth. Me and someone is on the road trying to hitch a ride to the hospital because the boy is in a serious state… i forgot what happened but he died…

And the place where we usually hangout.. in the middle (the place where we use to sit on is in a circular platform and in the middle is quite elevated) there are 2 holes with a jar. Those are the ashes of our dead friends.

There’s also something about
Sleeping with my siblings.. first there was only the three of us sharing our body heat trying to be comfortable and soothing ourselves trying to be wary of ghosts… then next night?? I don’t know but we ended up having someone in addition i forgot and i am not even sure if there really is but yeah… my other sibling slept above (by above it’s only like me and the other is sleeping on the floor and my other sib slept on the sofa) she is talking in japanese and somehow i managed to answer back and she slept beside me again i dunno about the other one.. can’t remember.

Then there’s also this thing about our parents marrying again.. for the second time.. there is a wedding i know is happening but I didn’t really see much of it in my dream.. and there is also an additional guy into the marriage? It’s weird.. but it’s like in my dream it’s normal? Oh well something like that.. the addition of this guy is the reason why we have additional sibling… and apparently he is the one who gave us the chocolate… @____@

There is this thing also wherein I woke up as if i am waking up from a nightmare???… and in the dream in my dream it seems like everything above is a dream.. In my dream i woke up and tried to scream because there seems to be a ghost??? I believe so at first but i saw his face on the window it’s a normal face .. a bit chinese like .. i forgot what he was saying.. but i was screaming hoping to wake up my parents/mom… i screamed… i cannot scream .. i do not have my voice.. i tried again i managed to scream but my voice as if a fickle candlelight vanished again… i tried to scream again but instead of my head voice i tried to lower the range of my scream. It worked i managed to let out a sound.. i screamed it out.
My mom arrived.. i am so scared .. almost crying.. and i told her about the ‘ghost’ and she said angrily there is nothing that i should stop doing the scream and that i have done this before already.. bla bla bla…

Which.. triggers a memory.. i really did that already… before… in another dream…

This is one of my recurring dreams.. those dreams where in the narrative continues as if reality… then leave me in a semi asleep state where i cannot distinguish reality from a dream LOL… well i think?

I wake up… and lol it’s only been 2hours since i slept


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