Death Dreams

I haven’t posted my dreams for a while now..

of all the dreams i had these last weeks.. these are the most dreadful…


i had 2 death dreams..

first one.. I dreamt about my sister’s death.. she died with either my mom or my other sister.. i have already forgotten.


The second one is the death of my youngest sister. She died from an unclear reason… though ididn’t see her body in the dream, we (me and my family) were somewhat informed that there was an accident and she couldn’t be found and the likelihood that she’s alive is close to zero. The accident happened on her way home from school. Most likely a vehicular accident. I remember being in terrible pain… i was crying really hard.. and shouting.. and wailing.. i cannot breath from crying my lungs out.. the feeling was terrible. There was a scene wherein my mom talked to some school officials regarding the accident questioning why the teacher was not with them. They tried to put the blame on my mom somehow.. but my mom came back with heavy words and we all started crying and shouting again… To be honest i can still feel the pain i felt in that dream…


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