Dreamt of this 2 times!!

okay.. so i have this very weird dream..


about my mom and dad..



sooo here goes..

the first and second dream were similar except that in the second dream.. it has some reference to the first dream like how my dad said “You are vomiting again, this is just like yesterday” bla bla.. something like that…

Dream location: Cramped Bathroom

so the gist of the dream is that… My mom and dad are arguing about something and somehow my mom ended up being kinda sober.. She has been shouting and crying i think… then.. she started feeling unwell.. while my mom is wailing my dad is trying to appease her, saying sorry, trying to be sweet and stuff, hugging her..mom is resisting.. bla bla..

so my mom started to feel unwell and went to the bathroom to puke.. i assisted her, patted her back and all that shit.. then dad also went in and comforted her.. since my mom has no power to resist cause of vomiting.. she just let him comfort her..

while they are doing that.. i am also in the bathroom with my back facing them.. and shit happens.. suddenly they are doing… s… doggie style standing …

WHAT THE FFFUCK.. well.. i didn’t really saw it with my two wide eyes.. THANK THE GODS!.. in my dream i just know they are doing it.. and i was able to see a glimpse / peripheral vision i guess? so it was confirmed they were doing it… but in the first dream it was kinda subdued.. like they cared that i was there.. like they are trying to hide it… BUT ON THE SECOND DREAM… they didn’t cared at all!!! hahaha.. so yeah they are doing it!! same position.. same scenario.. only difference is this is more all out..

in the second dream.. i just know they are doing it..

welp.. that is the weirdest black Friday dream… i am committing a sin even in  my dreams :))) lol..


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