Ex, Cards, Rubik’s

I don’t know what’s the main subject in this dream..


I was with my ex-crush we are in a bed with another 2 person. It seems like there is something going on like couples war game??

And me and my ex-crush are hmm I feel like we are only pretending to be together but at the same time we do have some feelings? I don’t know -__- oh well.. so we are in the bed.. at first there’s a person between us.. then I move to his side.. and as preparation for the couples war, game started practicing. I was practicing with a Rubik’s cube.. the Rubik’s cube is quite unique it’s a combination of colors and pictures.. some sides are like the normal ones, plain colored.. some sides have pictures. I was playing with the plain sides then asked his help how to figure out the pictures. Then he showed me.. then he also showed me his box of gaming cards.

The gaming cards are anime based. And I was soooo fascinated by that box. In my head I am like ‘OMG I need to buy this too, it has the Rubik’s cube and all these cards!!” though I don’t have any idea how to play those trading/playing cards. But it seems like in the dream I am very familiar with one. I forgot what anime it came from.. is it Wixxos? Hmm.. oh welp what I can remember is that one set of card is familiar and I kept playing it then from time to time I browse the other cards too.

Then I went back to playing the Rubik’s cube… my ex crush showed me something. It seems that if you press some of the little cubes of the Rubik’s it arranges itself. I gasped when it automatically fixed itself I was amazed. He laughed at my reaction. Then there is a trick to the Rubik’s cube. There’s some sort of a hidden message.  But to access that hidden picture/message you need to fix the side with a picture called “The Veil” then after that he arranged the rubrics cube again.. seems like the hidden picture is a combination of several parts of the other pictures.. something like that.. then the resulting picture has LOVE written in the middle of a heart like array of flowers with a pretty calligraphy font. It was pretty..

I personally think this dream is more about the Rubik’s cube and not the person I am with.. I barely look at him anyway.. I was so engrossed with the cards and the feeling of wanting to have my own box of decks and the cube.. hue hue hue


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