Familiar place, Familiar pace..



It feels like everything in this dream is as per usual… like I’ve been doing those things, living there in that place, going to work and stuff for a long time already. I’m so used to the atmosphere and all.


The scenario was.. early morning, I woke up, I need to go to work, and as usual I woke up 30 min before I am scheduled to leave the house.. but on that day I think I am about to be late :3 forgot if it was because of how late I woke up or if it’s because I am slow :3 hue hue .. anyway… so I head out to take a bath.. oh by the way it seems like I am in a dorm like apartment, so in the bathroom an elementary friend was there bathing.. I squeezed myself to the other side and bathed too.. we were chatting a bit.. then I noticed my soap is pink.. and hmm I realized that it is not mine.. in my head I was asking myself “did I mistakenly took my dorm mates soap or something??” while a picture of the “dorm mate” appears in my head… and she’s the the same dorm mate I have in college.. the Japanese one … (another realisation here. It turns out I have room mates.) then I bathe and stuff, bla bla bla… IRL I am so used with living in a dorm type apartment sharing rooms with other ppl and stuff.. and in those type of accommodation whenever I use the bathroom I always bring my new clothes then carry my used clothes when I am done and double check if I drop anything like pantsu or used pads.. arghh you don’t wanna drop those and be asked “ uhm is this yours??” with judging eyes.. lol.. so as you can imagine I carry my bath essentials + clothes.. :3 .. in my dream it was quite weird.. coz after I bathe as per routine I carried my used clothes.. then there were quite a lot of soiled clothes on one corner of the bathroom. In my head I was even judging the person who left all her soiled clothes there for the world to see.. then upon inspection I realize they were mine @_@ welp.. I hastily picked them up and went back to my room.. by this time I am left with hmm 15 minutes.

Then I met my Internship friends on my way… they are on their way to work but saw me so they dropped by… (on the background.. I just want to note.. the landlady seems like quite an old woman with a cat.. and from the memory of my persona in the dream I always play with that cat). I asked them.. won’t you guys be late?? They just laugh.. and replied “We are already late.. sooooo what’s the difference” and laughed… I laughed with them.. I joked and said “this girl! As usual is still noisy huh?! Hahaha” the other girl replied “ you don’t say! Hahaha” then we just laugh along.. They told me where they are working, a bank, we talked and laugh abt other stuff too.. I forgot what though.. and in all these I forgot if I am just wrapped in a towel or what but one thing is for sure I haven’t changed into my work outfit yet!!! Who knows I might be even naked :3 lol… but oh well.. they left?? I think?? Then.. I looked into my closet and I don’t have any outfit left but a skirt…. And I don’t feel like wearing a skirt that day.. left with no choice, I grabbed the skirt, then I remember I have that red top that has a mid frill..i was imagining how good it’ll look with the skirt.. so I went to search for that blouse…

THEN I WOKE UP XD… AND… I WAS ABOUT TO BE LATE IRL TOO wtf! Lol!  xD dibs… I arrived 5mins late at work.. good thing my boss is not there yet :3 hue hue hue SAFEEE.. tasukatta!


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