Seafood Fest <3


So I had a really random and weird dream last night..


I think I had several dreams.. but I can’t remember the others.. what’s unforgettable is the one regarding cray fishes and lobsters and visas..

So we are like hmm.. in a restaurant I guess? .. but it’s a restaurant where you can pick your own live cray fish or lobster. The scene is I am in that part of the resto where you fish your own food, then there’s a wooden tank like container where all the cray fishes are.. and tons of people just go and pick their own and I am in front.. so I picked mine.. and I think it’s one of the biggest cray fish there and I waved it to the guys I am with.. I forgot if I am with my family or friends or family and BF.. I was sooooo preoccupied and excited about the lobsters and crayfish.. I was soooo looking forward to eating them.. it was crazy. Too bad I didn’t get to the part where I am eating it.. D: or maybe I did.. just can’t recall.. huehuehue


Then I think this is a continuation.. but the scene changed. I am now with my family.. and I am somewhat whining and sad. I am convincing my dad to get me my Visa to Singapore.. something like that.. I am guessing I am in Qatar.. but the scenery is like I am in a mall with an Asian theme/vibe.. red is very prominent in this dream… so yeah.. I forgot how.. but somehow the visa was processed. I got it from a lady in a counter somewhere and I got like 4 visas/passes in an envelope and I got some couple more envelopes with money inside. I was keeping it a secret from my parents.. I want to surprise them.. then I slowly opened the topic and bragged about the visas.. my parents look through all the visas and on the residence field, what they put is “Bahraini” .. which is weird. But if I remember correctly the visas are for Japan, Korea, Singapore… the other one I cannot recall.. my parents are bothered by the Bahraini thing but I am just like “yeeeey imma see hubby baby!!I’ll be living with him now!!” something like that.. then there’s the money.. I can’t recall how many envelopes I have and how much money are inside each but I can say it’s quite a lot. I gave my parents one envelope each (the ones with more money in it) then.. I saved some for my self then gave the others to my sisters as gifts..


Then I woke up..


too bad it didn’t reach the moment i fly out and arrive at SG.. just a glimpse of him waiting for me could have been perfect..


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