Katana in Bed


My eyes fluttered open and there she was. In all her exquisite beauty, she laid there sleeping. Her eyes, moving excitingly, in her dream state. I could not make out what she was murmuring. I reached out and pulled her closer. She smelled like the last morning of spring. Oh how I craved that scent. As I hugged her, I noticed her figure was hugged by a black and red sleeping gown, almost sexy in its design. Sigh, my beautiful sleeping beauty.

The next day, we found a mysterious tunnel beneath the place. There was a foreboding and dangerous sensation emanating from it. It felt like the tunnel of Sauron. A foolhardy friend decided to join us in exploring it. He brought a pistol. She, on the other hand, equipped an impressive array of katanas. With a shock, I realised I had no nice katanas at all.

“May I borrow the Kamui?”

“Eh, its only rated at 11 stars.” She said.

Suddenly, as if it has been there all along, I noticed my faithful 風花 katana. A 13 star rated weapon. I picked it up and slotted it by my waist using my belt. Grasping the hilt firmly, I turned to my comrades.


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